DP1 Available at Amazon

9 02 2008

The Sigma DP1 is now available for pre-order from Amazon.com. The price listed is $799.99 U.S., marked down from the “list price” of $999.99. Shipping starts as of March 25, 2008. Unfortunately for Canadians like me, it ships only to addresses within the U.S.

DP1 on Amazon

They also accessories listed, such as the lens hood for $19.99, the optical viewfinder for $149.00 and the EF-140 external flash designed specifically for the DP1 at $79.00.

How long before other online retailers list this camera, with prices? When will it show up in stores?




6 responses

11 02 2008

Interesting … the price is dipping already … and the camera isn’t even out yet. I look forward to reading the early reviews on this long-awaited camera.

12 02 2008
Sigma DP1 Timeline « My DP1

[…] The DP1 was, indeed, launched at PMA 2008, although it will not ship until March 2008. The camera showed up on Amazon, for pre-order, in early […]

18 02 2008

If you don’t mind picking it up just over the border in Champlain you can use the services of this forwarding company.


19 02 2008

Mare, I’m familiar with Freeport Forwarding. In fact, I recently recommended them to a friend who bought a 42″ LCD TV from Amazon. Freeport only charged five bucks for the service. Wow!

19 02 2008

Good, now go and pre-order that DP1 :-)

19 02 2008

There’s still the question of the $1000. (Well, about $960 for what I want — the camera, lens hood and viewfinder.)

But seriously, I won’t buy sight unseen. I need to have it in my hands and to try some of the controls. For example, I want to see if there is a one-click way to turn off the LCD screen, and to see how easy it is to switch to manual focus, etc.

According to the pictures, there are not a lot of buttons on the camera. That’s not really great news, as there are some things (like focus) for which you want a dedicated button. I hate scrolling through menus to perform simple tasks!

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