About This Blog

I started this blog as part of my quest to learn more about, and eventually acquire, a Sigma DP1 digital camera. That was in November 2007, months before the camera was released to the market. It’s not some crazy guerrilla marketing ploy or anything like that. I’m just really interested in this camera.

About Me

blork-wall-99x74.jpgMy name is Ed and I live in Montreal, Quebec. I make my living as a technical writer, and I am a semi-serious photographer. I say semi-serious because I used to be quite serious about it, but then my interest waned for quite a while. Recently, however, I find it is coming back.

I am not a professional photographer, although I have done some professional work including portraiture and travel photography. I was most of the way through a degree in fine arts (with a major in photography) at Concordia University quite a few years ago, but I dropped out when my working life (as a writer) got in the way.

Although I do not miss the chemistry, I really miss darkroom work. In some ways, I also miss shooting film, although I love the freedom and economies that digital presents. I spent many years shooting 35mm film, primarily with Nikon cameras. I currently do not own a DSLR, but if I did it would likely be a Nikon D80 or D200 (or, if I could afford it, a Nikon D3).

I do all of my current digital photography with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX2 (update: DMC-LX3). I have recently acquired a Holga 120 toy camera, which I’m learning to have fun with.

Van Horne Viaduct

My primary blog (which I’ve had since late 2000) is the Blork Blog. I also run the Monday Morning Photo Blog.

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