Sigma DP1 Firmware Upgrade

9 04 2008

Sigma has announced a firmware and software upgrade for the DP1, to be released April 11, 2008. This is encouraging news, as it indicates that Sigma is committed to maintaining the camera and not just tossing it out there to sink or swim.

Compare that with the Lumix DMC-LX2; an excellent camera in many ways, but in definite need of some firmware improvements. Yet Lumix – aka, Panasonic – is notorious for their complete lack of follow-up. There have been no announcements, additional information, nor firmware upgrades for the LX2 since its release in late 2006.

According to the Sigma press release, the DP1 firmware upgrade (to version 1.01), takes care of the following issues:

  • The grid display mode for picture taking is added to the LCD monitor.(It cannot be used in MF mode and movie mode).
  • Improved stability of the camera’s operation.

The software upgrade (to version 2.5 for Windows and 3.2 for Macintosh) includes the following improvements:

  • Improved color reproduction of the SD14’s RAW images.
  • Coloring at the corners of the image generated under a specific condition of the DP1’s RAW image has been improved.
  • (Macintosh version only) When the image’s white balance, captured by a custom white balance, was changed using Sigma Photo Pro3.1 for Macintosh, the image was not able to return to the original condition. This color balance was corrected even if it returned it to “former setting” afterwards.

Those don’t look like very big changes, but again, it is encouraging to see that Sigma appears to be committed to supporting and improving the DP1.