Imaging Resource Reviews DP1

4 05 2008

Imaging Resource has reviewed the DP1, and has reached essentially the same conclusions as most other reviewers: great image quality, bad usability.

In brief, here are Imaging Resource’s “pros and cons:”

Pro: Con:
  • Excellent optics, though maximum aperture is a bit slow at f/4
  • Very low barrel distortion
  • Very little chromatic aberration
  • Foveon sensor captures smooth, well-defined detail
  • Small camera design is easy to bring along
  • Good button placement
  • Good feel to all buttons and controls
  • Hot shoe for accessory flash or viewfinder
  • 3.77 fps continuous mode (but only 3 frames)
  • RAW software is included, and allows for better quality images with just a few adjustments
  • Unique design, great for the contemplative photographer
  • RAW images taken at ISO 800 look good at 11×14 inches
  • JPEG images are of poor quality, with little consistency from shot to shot
  • Sensitivity tops out at ISO 800
  • Lens cap is a pain to put on, doesn’t work with lens hood
  • Difficult to manual focus without close measurements
  • Not good for Macro photography
  • Changing AF points is too difficult
  • Autofocus is slow
  • Poor low light AF performance
  • Lacks built-in optical viewfinder
  • Images are undersaturated by default; increasing saturation does very little
  • Saturation decreases further as ISO increases
  • Incandescent white balance is poor at best, regardless of setting
  • Slow startup and cycle times
  • Camera functions lock while images are saved to card
  • Animated menus slow you down
  • Single focal length limits photographic possibilities
  • Digital zoom blurs due to upsampling
  • Lacks histogram while shooting
  • Pop-up flash is weak
  • No RAW+JPEG option
  • RAW processing software is slow
  • Mediocre battery life
  • Maximum shutter speed varies with aperture
  • No Bulb mode

Full review here.



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