“Production Ready” DP1?

31 01 2008

David Rasnake at DigitalCameraReview.org has posted images and a brief “first look” review of a “production ready” DP1 that he was able to pick up and fondle at PMA 08 today. His review comes as welcome news, as it says some of the things I was really hoping to hear about this camera:

What I can say is that the overall experience seems to be even better than anticipated. The camera (…) is a an incredibly responsive performer.

I like the sound of that. Keep in mind that this model is not aimed at your typical “point & shoot” user. It is for people who don’t care about feature extremes and silly things like “face recognition.” It’s for people who know their way around a camera and want something that is small, light, solid, and responsive.

Rasnake continues:

In terms of build, there’s a lot more metal here than was seen on earlier prototypes, giving the whole thing the feeling of a precise photographic instrument.

That’s exactly what DP1 fans want to hear; “a precise photographic instrument.” Not a gadget. Not a plasticy gizmo full of flashy buttons. He further says “In many ways, the vibe is more classic than high tech.” Bingo.

The best news is that he claims Sigma gave him a fairly precise window for release: mid March for the U.S.

In the meantime, the people over at LetsGoDigital.org get it all wrong. They regurgitate a bunch of press materials, and then embarrass themselves further by posting not one, but three large images of the original prototype – a design that’s more than a year old.




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7 02 2008
8 02 2008

EUR 799 is about $1075 US. I think it will be a bit less in the US. I certainly hope so, as really don’t want to pay more than $800 CAN for it!

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