Sigma DP1 Timeline

26 11 2007

Although it seems like years and years since the Sigma DP1 was first announced, it has really been just over one year. Part of the problem is that Sigma keeps hinting at a release date and then fails to fulfill it without any explanation. That leaves potential fans of the camera dangling, as the clock ticks ever so slowly towards then next big photography trade show.

Here’s a brief chronology of the story so far.

Left: the first DP1 prototype. Right: the second DP1 prototype, which most people believe is how the final product will look.

September 2006: Dp1 Announced at PhotoKina 2006, in Cologne, Germany.

October 2006: First prototype unveiled. Release date quoted as “February 2007.”

February 2007: No Sigma DP1.

March 2007: Second Dp1 prototype shown at PMA show in Las Vegas, USA (videos). Release date cited as “end of May, 2007” by one source and “in the Summer” by another. That second source also cites the retail price as “around £600 in the UK, 800 euro in Europe or $1000 in the US.”

Summer 2007: Dead silence.

Autumn 2007: Chatter in online forums like picks up. Users divided between declarations that the DP1 is “vaporware” and hopes that it will be released for PMA 2008. In the meantime, not a word from Sigma, although some unofficial reports claim that un-named Sigma people have indicated “Spring 2008” as the release time frame.

Future? PMA 2008 opens January 31. Not even the most optimistic would call that “spring,” so the camera is unlikely to be ready by then, although Sigma will probably show off the latest prototype.

Update: On November 30, 2007, Sigma issued a press release apologizing for the delay. They blamed problems with the “image processing pipeline,” which required them to go back to the drawing board on a number of design issues. On January 31, 2008, Sigma made a pre-PMA announcement that the camera would indeed be launched at PMA 2008, although it will not ship until March 2008. In early February, the camera showed up on Amazon, for pre-order.




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31 01 2008
“Production Ready” DP1? « My DP1

[…] In the meantime, the people over at get it all wrong. They regurgitate a bunch of press materials, and then embarrass themselves further by posting not one, but three large images of the original prototype – a design that’s more than a year old. […]

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