DP1 Release Imminent!

30 01 2008

Sigma’s dedicated Web site for the DP1, www.sigma-dp1.com, has been changed. Instead of the Flash-based pages that highlight the DP1 features, there is now a static image (still oddly Flash based) that says “The arrival of the SIGMA DP1. The worldwide debut, soon.”

This “announcement,” appearing just a few days before the start of the Photo Marketing Association’s annual show in Las Vegas, can mean only one thing: the DP1 will be launched at PMA 08.

DP1 Website

Surely it can mean nothing else. There’s no way the notoriously silent Sigma would make such an announcement merely days before one of the biggest and most highly anticipated photography trade shows in the world.

We’ll soon find out. PMA 08 runs from January 31 to February 2.

Update: January 31/08:

According to DP Review, their “contacts at Sigma” say the camera will be available in “Spring.” Unfortunately, that doesn’t really mean anything, as we’ve heard such nebulous predictions before. However, that was a “pre-PMA 2008” notice. Now that PMA 08 has opened, we’ll hopefully get some verifiable information soon.




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