News from Sigma!

30 11 2007

Sigma has put out a press release today regarding its enigmatic DP1 camera. It apologizes for its silence on the project since PMA in March 2007, and says they’ve been having trouble achieving the kind of image quality they’re after. After a lot of work, they ended up completely revising “image processing pipeline.”

It’s more of a letter than a press release; it takes a personal, first-person tone and is refreshingly light on the usual PR gobbledygook. It is signed by Kazuto Yamaki, the Chief Operating Officer of Sigma Corporation.

According to the letter, Sigma recently began beta testing what they believe will be the final design. I suspect that most, if not all of the design changes since PMA are internal; the focus of work (according to the letter) seems to be entirely on the imaging pipeline. In other words, the final product will likely look exactly like the prototype we saw at PMA.

There is no release date posted for the camera, although the letter says they feel they’re on the right track.

(Heads-up via The Online Photographer and some kind souls who emailed me via the contact form on the “About” page. Thanks!)




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